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A new era begins for all facades with the VINYLBOND™ Decorative Panels developed based on the international experience of ADO in the new generation sustainable building materials. Explore the stylish options of the VINYLBOND™, which are extremely durable and particularly resistant to water and sun on the facades!

With the VINYLBOND™ Decorative Panels, it is now much easier to create eye-catching facades, pleasant walls and stylish ceilings that are quite practical to apply and resistant to water and sun, without making any concessions on your comfort and style.

The VINYLBOND™ products, which are specifically designed for both interiors and exteriors based on the superior water-resistant technology and antibacterial and non-flammable characteristics, are extremely resistant to impacts and the harmful rays of the sun. They offer comfortable and durable surfaces in all working and living spaces from homes to offices and in sports halls, airports, schools, cultural centers, hospitals and all commercial spaces.