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Frequently Asked Questions

It is a wall-ceiling coating material that can be used indoors and outdoors, can be easily installed to each other thanks to its geometry, and can be used in many buildings and spaces such as houses, hotels, schools, hospitals and prefabricated buildings. Its material consists of a polymer-based raw material.

You can apply modern or classic designs to your room with quick and easy installation. You can select the suitable stone patterns and wooden pattern options for your home. It has low maintenance costs and is easy to clean. Ensures insulation and maximizes the value of your home.

It is anti-bacterial, prevents the growth and reproduction of bacteria, and is extremely hygienic.

Vinylbond decorative panels are easy to install, waterproof, stain-proof and moisture-proof. It is better than wooden and aluminum materials in terms of insulation. It does not require tough maintenance such as varnishing and painting. It is environmentally-friendly and 100% recyclable.

They can be used on all indoor and outdoor walls and ceilings. For example: they can be used on internal and external walls and ceilings of bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, offices and basements.

No, they do not absorb water.

Yes, they are resistant to water, rot and corrosion.

No, these panels are maintenance-free. You can easily wipe them by using a wet cloth. However, do not use chlorinated and abrasive substances.

No, these panels are made of high quality polymer-based raw materials, and production is conducted by using the latest technology in coating. They do not cause any odor.

Panels are quite resistant. They will not be affected by daily wear and tear. However, hard, sharp and heavy objects may damage the panels.

These panels can withstand temperatures up to 65°C. They can be used in shower panels, but not in saunas.

Yes, Vinylbond decorative panels are easy to remove, so you can change them every year if you wish so.

Polymer-based decorative panels are completely rust-proof.

During the production of polymer-based panels, special chemicals are added to ensure fire resistance characteristics. They stop the spread of fire, and they are flameproof.

As there is no need to use cement, sand or any mixtures in the installation of polymer-based panels, it takes very little time to install them.

Yes, you can carefully remove the same panels on the existing surface, and reuse them on another surface.

No, wallpapers can fade over time, but Vinylbond decorative panels can maintain the same color and gloss for years, if they are not exposed to direct sun for indoor use.

For outdoor use, the surface coating film material is UV-resistant and therefore, it maintains the color and pattern for years.