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Decorative Panel Mounting & Stacking Details

Installation Details

1) Align the start module exactly to the application surface and fix it by using self-tapping screw.

26x30 mm Start Module

18x35 mm Start Module

2) After screwing the decorative panels into the grooves one by one, place the next panel and lock the surface to cover the surface.

26x30 mm End Module

18x35 mm End Module

3) When you reach the end of the surface, install the end module by locking it with screws or preferably adhesive, and complete the process.

Stacking Conditions

Panel Details

Vinylbond®’s Decorative Wall Panel Applications

Vinylbond® applications refer to the use of specialized coating materials in interior and exterior decoration. These panels not only add aesthetic appeal to spaces but also serve to create a unique ambiance, protect the area from internal and external factors, or create visual effects. Instead of traditional painting or tiling, these panels offer many advantages and can be produced from various materials.

Wall panels, also used for commercial purposes, are utilized to establish brand identity. Companies looking to distinguish themselves in their field and reach potential customers more easily opt for decorative panels, which also bring aesthetic appeal.

When applying Vinylbond®, the first step is to contact experts like Vinylbond. After examining the space where the decorative panel will be used, Vinylbond will provide you with the necessary panel type within a short timeframe.

Following measurement and planning, the installation required for the wall panel process will be completed. The complexity of installing decorative wall panels may vary depending on the nature of the task and the material of the panels.

Installation and Application Time

Installation and application time offer a significant advantage in decorative wall panel applications. The quick and practical installation process allows you to renovate your space quickly. A professional Vinylbond team ensures the seamless application of Vinylbond®, making the application process even easier. Quick installation allows for instant transformation of the space, providing a user-friendly experience with practical application time. Thus, aesthetic innovation through decorative wall panel applications can be achieved quickly and easily.

The installation of decorative wall panels is a straightforward and effortless process. However, having this task performed by a professional team enhances the lifespan and durability of the wall panel. Practical information regarding the installation of wall panels can be outlined as follows:

  • Selection of Decorative Wall Panels:
  • In this process, the area where you want to use the wall panel is determined, completing the panel selection based on personal preferences and tastes.
  • Wall Level or Water Level:
  • In this process, the structure of the wall is measured. It is crucial for the wall where the panel will be made to have a flat and symmetrical structure. After this process, necessary measurements are taken, and the panel is prepared for cutting to fit the wall.

Stacking Conditions of Decorative Panels

If you will not be using the purchased wall panels immediately, you should prepare the stacking conditions for decorative panels. Storing the decorative panels horizontally in a closed warehouse or unused room will protect them against potential accidents.

The answer to the question “how to clean decorative panels?” is quite simple. You can easily clean your Vinylbond® with a wet or damp cloth. Depending on usage, you can also shorten your cleaning time by using a cleaner. However, the cleaning materials you use should be suitable for the material of the wall panel.

Use and Maintenance of Decorative Panels

Vinylbond® isan ideal option for adding aesthetic value to spaces and protecting walls. With proper use and maintenance, you can ensure that these panels remain durable and beautiful. If you have any questions about maintenance, you can refer to the manufacturer’s instructions. Additionally, consulting a professional will help you determine the correct maintenance methods. However, seeking help or support from the expert Vinylbond team for decorative panel use will provide you with the best solution.

As long as these products are used correctly with a soft cloth or sponge, they will accompany your indoor spaces for many years.

Technical Specifications of Decorative Panel Coatings

The technical specifications of decorative panel coatings vary according to their intended use and the requirements of the project. Therefore, it is crucial to pay attention to the technical information provided by the manufacturer and the rules required for the maintenance of decorative panels before deciding on the panel type you want to use. The maintenance of Vinylbond® varies depending on the type used and the application area. Wall panel types include metal, PVC, polymer, wood, glass, brick, or concrete. Providing a magnificent view from an aesthetic and chic angle, panel coatings are utilized in different areas according to the determined types.