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Barcode Decorative Panel System

Exterior & Interior

BARCODE is a special design that challenges convention with two different sized surfaces side by side. Separate surface dimensions are balanced with intermediate spaces of the same width, providing an unusual yet smooth texture. With separate color options for indoors and outdoors, it quickly becomes noticeable and makes a difference in all areas where it is used…

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Linear : 125 x 18 mm
Interior : 2800 mm
Exterior : 2800 mm/3200 mm

Vinylbond®’s Barcode Decorative Panel System

There is no denying that barcodes are unique designs that challenge traditional uses due to their two distinct surface sizes that are adjacent to each other. Barcode decorative panel systems are specially produced panel systems with unusual designs. They undoubtedly make an impact. If customers want striking designs that are far from traditional, they can choose these panels. 

This panel system has an unusual arrangement; that is, there are different sizes, and they are distributed evenly between the panels. Therefore, it makes the spaces visually interesting. There are several benefits to using a barcode decorative panel system

Vinylbond® advantages may vary depending on the selected material. If customers want a natural look and want to increase the warmth of the space, wooden decorative panels are perfect for them. Customers especially prefer wooden ones for interior use. If they want a more modern look, they can consider choosing metal panels, and these panels are especially suitable for exteriors. Fibreglass panels, on the other hand, are used especially on exterior surfaces since they are resistant to burning and are very light due to their structure. 

Unconventional Design Barcode Interior and Exterior Decorative Panels 

A barcode interior decorative panel system is very important to change and improve the atmosphere of both interior and exterior spaces. With a wide range of colours and patterns, customers can easily find the model that suits their style and get rid of the disturbing image in the space. 

For exterior design, these panels give people the key to a much more modern look with colours such as P. golden oak, moss green, and night blue. 

A barcode exterior decorative panel system can be used easily not only on the exterior but also on the interior and can add beautiful touches to living spaces. Thanks to the material just mentioned, very high-quality models emerge. Besides, the patterns of the systems are quite a lot and in this way, it is possible to find models for every aspect. 

Finally, barcode decorative panel systems are very important in terms of cleaning and maintenance. It can be wiped with the help of a cloth using only water, and since it does not hold much dirt, there is no need to make much effort. Since cleaning and maintenance are so easy, people do not have to spend too much time cleaning and do not have to find time for themselves. The thing to remember is that although the installation process is easy, it is best to leave this process to ADO experts. 

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Exterior Catalogue

White AS 517, Naturel Oak HR 570, Sand Grey AS 509, Ant. Grey AS 508, P.Dark Oak ST 541, Siver Teak SB 513, P.Golden Oak ST 540, Platinium AS 526, Beige AS 525, Moss Green BS 322, Night Blue AS 523

Interior Catalogue

Bute White BS 015, Magic Stone MT 043, Magic Mink MT 044, Magic Sahra MT 045, Ant. Grey BS 7016, Carrera MT 095, Naturel Oak HR 070, Night Blue BS 123, Premium Silver MT3000, Sand Gray BS 376, Lake Blue BS 327, Moss Green BS 322, Golden Oak ST 150, Dark Oak ST 141

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