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Bevel Decorative Panel Systems

Exterior & Interior

BEVEL, which offers a design as modern adaptation of an elegant tradition, is also known as “Weather Boarding” used for many years, particularly on exterior surfaces.

You can enjoy all the elegance and nobility of this method, where the facades are traditionally covered with solid wood paneling as opposed to Vinylbond Vivid colour guarantee , ease of maintenance and No DECAY !

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Linear : 100 x 18 mm
Exterior : 2800 mm

Vinylbond®’s Bevel Decorative Wall Panel System

A bevel decorative wall panel is called the modern interpretation of traditional design. In a way, this panel combines the design preferred in traditional buildings with today’s technology and creates models that contain both new and old touches. It is known that the facades of buildings designed and built in the past were covered with solid trees, and the most important reason why this tree was preferred is that it is very durable. However, no matter how durable it was, wear and tear problems would be encountered over the years. It is significant to use today’s technology in bevel decorative panels because, this way, there are no rotting problems.

Bevel decorative wall panel advantages are a very important issue for customers. It would be fair to say that bevel panels are produced with water-resistant technology. In this way, it is resistant to different weather conditions and seasonal transitions and has a long-lasting structure.

In addition, solid wood can be found in different colour types, so every customer can find a model that is close to the colour or colour they want. Wood surfaces have the ability to insulate against heat. Interior areas become quieter and cosier as a result. Besides, it is heat resistant, so it is important in situations such as fire. Since it has antibacterial properties thanks to its structure, it is very advantageous in terms of health as well.

Bevel Panels, also known as Cove Print, offer a wide range of applications in residential and commercial spaces such as homes, offices, airports, schools, cultural centers, hospitals, and many more. This extensive range of applications continuously expands the area of use for Bevel Panels. Bevel Panels meet the aesthetic and functional requirements of spaces by providing comfortable and durable surfaces.

In conclusion, Bevel Panels offer a modern interpretation of traditional and elegant design. While preserving all the elegance and nobility of the Cove Print tradition, Bevel combines durability, ease of maintenance, and the advantages of modern design. With differences such as waterproofing, hygiene features, and heat resistance, it has a wide range of applications from indoor to outdoor spaces. Bevel panels are an excellent choice for those who want to beautify spaces and provide long-lasting surfaces.

The advantages of Bevel panels can be listed as follows:

  • Bevel panels are lighter than wood panels.
  • They are extremely easy to install and remove, providing practical application.
  • Their lightweight and sturdy structure increase the portability of the panels.
  • High water resistance ensures the panels are long-lasting and durable.
  • Various design and color options offer space designs that suit personal preferences.
  • The antibacterial feature enhances hygiene standards and prevents bacterial growth.
  • Long-lasting and rust-resistant properties reduce maintenance costs.
  • They create a safe environment with fire resistance.
  • Their environmentally friendly and recyclable structures offer a sustainable solution.

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Interior Catalogue

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