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Fine Decorative Panel System

Exterior & Interior

FINE is the first choice for those who love elegant textures…

An alternative that captivates all surfaces with its robust structure, elegant dimensions and pleasant depth.

FINE, the most finely spaced surface coating design option, is especially ideal for adding elegance to surfaces.

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Linear : 125 x 26 mm
Interior : 2800 mm
Exterior : 2800 mm/3200 mm

Vinylbond®’s Fine Decorative Panel System

Fine is among the first choices of people who love elegant textures. It has a robust structure, and thanks to its pleasant depth, it gives a magnificent appearance on all surfaces. There is no doubt that Vinylbond®, fine decorative panels are produced using different materials and are very popular with customers because they offer many options. It provides a more elegant and aesthetic atmosphere from the moment it is installed. 

Every person may have a different taste, but with its various options, every person can easily find a fine decorative panel system for themselves. Thanks to fine decorative panel advantages, it has started to be preferred by people. First of all, these panel systems provide an aesthetic appearance to both the interior and exterior places. These systems, which are produced considering the usage areas, are a highly preferred panel system type due to their durability and long life. 

It is also very straightforward to maintain and clean. It can be cleaned with only water, cloth, and a little soap, and thanks to this easy cleaning routine, people do not need to spend a lot of time or money on cleaning. The materials from which it is produced provide heat and sound insulation to Vinylbond®. Thermal insulation also helps the houses heat up quickly, and the natural gas bill is reasonably priced.

Besides, it has a wide range of wavy, flat, hollow, and embossed models, and it is very easy for people to choose. These decorative panels can make the house look quite spacious. 

Elegant Fine Exterior and Interior Decorative Panels

In Vinylbond®’s exterior and interior facade models may change according to the places where they are mounted. A fine interior decorative panel is a panel system that contributes to the house’s appearance and is suitable for all kinds of furniture and places with various colour options, such as bute white, magic mink, premium silver, night blue, sand grey, and so on.

These models significantly affect the appearance of interiors and are highly appreciated by people. Interior architects have frequently used interior design models. These panels, which are also very simple to install, can be designed according to people’s aesthetic tastes.

Fine exterior decorative panels made of concrete and PVC gavethe house a nice appearance with different patterns and colours. There are various colours, like natural oak, silver teak, white, platinum, beige, and so on. 

ADO Specialists aim to show the most suitable models for customers, such as Vinylbond®, taking into account their tastes and needs. Considering their quality and advantages, these fine Vinylbond® products  are highly preferred systems. In particular, these panels are used to improve the aesthetic appearance of the installed areaand give it a personal touch.

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Exterior Catalogue

White AS 517, Naturel Oak HR 570, Sand Grey AS 509, Ant. Grey AS 508, P.Dark Oak ST 541, Siver Teak SB 513, P.Golden Oak ST 540, Platinium AS 526, Beige AS 525, Moss Green BS 322, Night Blue AS 523

Interior Catalogue

Bute White BS 015, Magic Stone MT 043, Magic Mink MT 044, Magic Sahra MT 045, Ant. Grey BS 7016, Carrera MT 095, Naturel Oak HR 070, Night Blue BS 123, Premium Silver MT3000, Sand Gray BS 376, Lake Blue BS 327, Moss Green BS 322, Golden Oak ST 150, Dark Oak ST 141

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