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Log Decorative Panel Systems

Exterior & Interior

LOG is a special classic from VINYLBOND™ design options, which is one of the facade cladding options that is in touch with nature and is most resistant to natural conditions… Designed with inspiration from the natural exteriors of log houses, you can use it safely and with pleasure in all kinds of climates with its design options that are indistinguishable from natural materials when viewed from a distance.

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Linear : 125 x 26 mm
Interior : 2800 mm
Exterior : 2800 mm/3200 mm

Vinylbond®’s Log Decorative Panel System

A log decorative panel system emerged by combining the beauty and durability of nature with a modern facade cladding system. Nature contains many beauties within itself, and it is impossible to obtain them without raw materials taken from nature. In addition to this, these beauties have their own durability, and this naturally occurring durability and beauty are taken as inspiration for panel systems. 

It can be said that it is almost impossible to distinguish the panels designed with this inspiration from real wood materials. These panels, which are aesthetically beautiful, give customers the feeling of actually living in a tree house. 

Vinylbond®’s Log decorative panel system advantages are quite many. Depending on the material it is produced from, it has heat resistance properties, so it has a serious advantage in case of a possible fire. Customers can easily get out of this situation without much damage. 

On the other hand, these panels are produced using various colours and patterns according to the tastes of all kinds of customers. Thanks to this, customers can easily find the panel system that best suits them. People who can reflect their own style in their homes, workplaces, or outdoor places with panel systems will be very peaceful and happy in the area they live in.

Furthermore, log decorative panel systems do not require special care. It can be cleaned simply by using soap and water instead of products containing many chemicals. In addition, it should be noted that it is environmentally friendly. Since they are used instead of natural wood, they reduce logging and are one of the main things that enable people to take a step to protect the future.

Vinylbond®’s Natural Design Log Interior and Exterior Decorative Panel Systems

The log interior decorative panel system is a panel system used to create a natural and warm appearance in-home or outdoor places. Log decorative panel systems, which many people appreciate because their panel surfaces reflect the tree texture and colour magnificently, can make you feel as if you are living in a place made of real wood.

The log exterior decorative panel system can be used in any space, such as houses, hotels, or offices, and can provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance. It is a unique choice for customers who favour natural beauty and are attracted by its durability. Thanks to its resistance to heat, it can be used easily on exterior surfaces.

The log decorative panel system is known as a combination of natural beauty and modern technology. Since it is made of solid material, it can be used for many years without any damage and is very easy to maintain or clean. When purchasing this panel system or when you want to see its options, it is very important to be guided by a company that is an expert in this field.

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