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Ribbon Decorative Wall Panel Systems

Exterior & Interior

RIBBON offers a special texture that gives depth and meaning to surfaces. With meaningful color options specially designed for modern and pleasant spaces; it also allows for spectacular light plays on all surfaces, both indoors and outdoors, on the wall or ceiling where it is applied.

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Linear : 150 x 26 mm
Interior : 2800 mm
Exterior : 2800 mm/3200 mm

Vinylbond®’s Ribbon Decorative Panel System

In recent years, the Ribbon has become one of the favourite products of Vinylbond® with its texture that adds depth to surfaces. The ribbon decorative panel system is a system used as wall cladding in both the exterior and interior decoration of houses. 

Thanks to these panel systems, people can have a more modern and aesthetic appearance in their homes, workplaces, and outdoor places. Ribbon decorative panel systems mounted on walls or ceilings are produced in several materials; usually, these materials are wood, metal, plastic, and so on. Due to the materials with which it is produced, it has a durable structure, and therefore customers can use it for many years without damage.

It can be said that Ribbon decorative panel system advantages have various benefits. These panel systems, which are durable thanks to their quality materials, are also appreciated by people for their original and creative designs. Ribbon decorative panel systems are undoubtedly one of the reasons why interiors and facades have recently become quite modern, different, and stylish.

In addition, Vinylbond® has heat and sound insulation so that people are much more comfortable when they are at home, and thanks to the heat insulation, family budgets change in a good way. Also, some Ribbon panels are environmentally friendly. Panel systems made using recycled materials offer people a more environmentally sustainable option. Moreover, thanks to its curved and wavy patterns, it increases the aesthetic appearance of the place where it is made. This is one of the main reasons why people prefer Vinylbond®

Modern Ribbon Interior and Exterior Decorative Panel Systems

Vinylbond® products can change according to interior and exterior applications, and each of them is offered to customers with various advantages and models. 

Ribbon exterior decorative panel system is used for cladding the exterior facades of buildings, and generally, concrete, PVC, and fiberglass materials are used. Thanks to these materials, it is resistant to a wide range of weather conditions, and its insulation feature also has various advantages. There is also a wide range of options for customers, with many colour options, such as white, sand gray, beige, platinum, night blue, moss green, and so on. 

Vinylbond® can be used to give a different aesthetic appearance to the interior. At the same time, this panel system ensures that the light used in the areais evenly distributed, which provides a beautiful atmosphere for the environment. Vinylbond® is also available in different colour options, such as blue white, magic stone, magic mink, Carrera, premium silver, moss green, and so on. 

On the other hand, it should not be forgotten that the installation and maintenance of Vinylbond® must be carried out. It is especially recommended that the installation be done by a professional company such as ADO.

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Exterior Catalogue

White AS 517, Naturel Oak HR 570, Sand Grey AS 509, Ant. Grey AS 508, P.Dark Oak ST 541, Siver Teak SB 513, P.Golden Oak ST 540, Platinium AS 526, Beige AS 525, Moss Green BS 322, Night Blue AS 523

Interior Catalogue

Bute White BS 015, Magic Stone MT 043, Magic Mink MT 044, Magic Sahra MT 045, Ant. Grey BS 7016, Carrera MT 095, Naturel Oak HR 070, Night Blue BS 123, Premium Silver MT3000, Sand Gray BS 376, Lake Blue BS 327, Moss Green BS 322, Dark Oak ST 141

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